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JOMO Tech’s answer to the higher powered Box MODs on the market is the Lite 76ers.



JOMO Tech’s answer to the higher powered Box MODs on the market is the Lite 76ers.

  • 5W -76W adjustable power
  • 100C – 300C adjustable temperature control
  • 3.2V – 4.2V, self-adjusting
  • supports 0.2 – 3.0 ohms, self adjusting
  • supports Ti, Ni and SS coils : the 0.4 ohm SS coil is preferred for normal use because of the broad power range it’ll handle [30W – 75W]
  • 10 second over time auto shut off
  • top filling, 2ml capacity tank with integrated air flow and child lock
  • coil replacement via top of tank
  • LED screen and micro USB charging
  • low voltage and short circuit protected

and all contoured to hug the palm of your hand.

It’s ‘Ta Da!’ moment is the removable, rechargeable 18650 battery, giving you the option to charge via the micro USB or remove the battery and charge it separately.  This means that you’ll never run out of power again cause you can carry a fully charged spare battery and / or your charger cable, cause it’s actually long enough that you can continue to vape while she’s charging.  The Lite 76ers will have a genuine LG HG2 20Amp, 3000mAh, High Drain, 18650 Battery installed and included in the price, [cause we’re not like everybody else].

Your Lite 76ers has a range of messages which will show at the appropriate time to tell you what she wants you to do.  When you unlock and turn her on [the standard 5 clicks in under 2 seconds to lock or unlock the unit] the JOMO Tech logo will appear, followed by “NEW ATOMIZER? YES+/NO-“.  Click the + or – button as applies and you’re off and vaping.  This message will only show when you disconnect the coil from the battery, so basically every time you change the coil.
If you hold down the fire button for longer than 10 seconds, she’ll shut down and show “OVERTIME” on the screen.
“CHECK ATOMIZER” means either the connection between the battery and the coil isn’t quite right or you need to replace the coil.  Check that the coil is screwed in tightly and if the warning persists, replace the coil [and don’t forget to prime it].
“LOW BATTERY” is pretty much a no-brainer.  While charging, you’ll see a charging indicator and the battery power percentage.
“SHORT CIRCUIT” is another of those Captain Obvious statements.  Again,  it’s gonna be a coil issue . . . unless you took her swimming or something like that . . .
3 fast clicks on the fire button will bring you into Temperature Control territory, starting in Celsius. 1 click on the + button will take you through to Fahrenheit : click the – button once to return to Celsius.
3 fast clicks on the fire button also brings up the coil type selection : first Ni to Ti : click the fire button 3 times to change from Ti to SS and another 3 clicks on the fire button takes you back to the home screen.
Obviously, the + and – buttons [or the uppy downy buttons as I like to call them] will increase or decrease the values in temperature control mode [after you’ve used them to select C or F], or answer the coil question, etc.

Here’s a funky little trick for you . . .  if you hold down the + and – buttons at the same time, you can change the screen orientation . . . hahaha . . . that’s neat!

Standing a petite 72mm tall [109mm if you include the tank], she’s 45mm across and a slim 22mm thick [the same diameter as the tank so it integrates seamlessly with no overhang], the 76ers joins the ranks of the New Generation Box MODs, smaller and more discreet than their ancestors.

This is one sexy looking unit with a frosted sort of metallic finish and matching bands of colour on the tank seal the deal.  Available in Black, Silver and Rose Gold, I’m a bit torn as to which is my favourite colour.

Oh and yes, it does crank out the vapor, in case you were wondering.

Filling the Tank :
When filling the tank, make sure that the air flow is closed off.
1.  Push down on the mouthpiece assembly and turn to release the child lock
2. Unscrew and remove the mouthpiece assembly
3.  You’ll see that there are 2 slots and 1 round hole in the top plate.  Direct the tip of your needle bottle to one or the other of the slots and fill to just below the top plate.  Do not fill past the top plate.  Do not pour liquid into the centre round hole : it’s the air tube so you’ll end up sucking up any liquid that’s in that tube.  You can clean it out with a twisted paper towel or cotton bud before you screw the mouthpiece assembly back on
4.  Replace the mouthpiece assembly and screw on securely
5.  Press down and turn the mouthpiece assembly to reset the child lock

To replace the Coil :
Follow steps 1 and 2 above, then
3.  Unscrew and remove the top plate
4.  You’ve now got direct access to the coil, so unscrew and remove it
5.  Prime the replacement coil and then screw it securely into place
6.  Now it’s just a matter of putting the tank back together.  Replace and screw on the top plate, then the mouthpiece assembly
7.  Press down and turn the mouthpiece assembly to reset the child lock

Adjusting the Air Flow :
As with all of the latest tank technology, the air flow adjustment on the base of the tank allows you to fine tune your vape and to a small extent, control the nicotine strength by controlling the vapor production [it’s the usual more vapor = more nicotine available to absorb : less vapor = less nicotine available to absorb].
Open up the air flow by rotating the control ring and exposing more of the slot, allowing more air into the mix which gives an easy draw and more vapor.
Close the air flow by rotating the control ring and covering the slot, restricting the air coming in and making a tighter draw and less vapor.

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